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The first question you are probably asking is "Should I have a wedding video, or rather spend the budget on something else?" The answer may be quite simple, and really boils down to WHY do you want a video. Most likely you want to be able to share the moments of your special day with family and friends in a way that photos can not always achieve?   But most family and friends will not be very eager to sit and watch a long video, certainly not if it is hours long.

We have found that a wedding video that is many minutes or even hours long can be quite boring to watch, and not easy to share with others. We offer a highlights video package, where we shoot video clips throughout the wedding day, and cut these into a fast paced, and interesting 2 minute or 5 minute video, which is fun to watch and easy to share on facebook, email, and on DVD disk.  All the video clips are shot by the photographers in between the shooting of stills photos.

The added benefit of our short highlights videos is that they cost a lot less than hiring a full video crew! This frees up more of your budget for high quality album prints, or a canvas block mount or large format print.

Contact us to arrange a meeting, and discuss your needs further.