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Aerial Video Footage

We produce professional Aerial Video Footage using our remote controlled drone with gyro stabilised camera gimbal system. Excellent for low level video footage, and for capturing footage that can not be done with crane or full sized helicopter.  The AIR Drone is a remote controlled aircraft which is safe and quiet to fly at a low level altitude where it is not possible or practical to fly a full sized aircraft.

Some photos of the AIR Drone at work, shooting Aerial Video:

Our footage is mostly captured at full HD 1080 50p, or full HD 1080 50i, using a camcorder mounted on a gyro stabilised camera gimbal.  We strive to maintain level horizons, and smooth and steady video footage throughout the flight to maximise the usable footage captured. A video downlink to ground base station provides the director, client and pilot the ability to monitor the live footage being captured.


The AIR Drone is also used for stills Aerial Photography, and Aerial 360 Virtual Tours.